Minimum Criteria

  • Site Size & Use
    Site must be 5 acres or more
    Site must be able to accommodate our target clusters: Life Sciences, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing or Professional Services & Support

  • Site Location
    Map(s) illustrating site relative to location in the city, country & other municipalities

  • Site Details
    Aerial photo(s)
    Site map/survey showing dimensions & acreage
    ALTA survey (if available)
    Statement from planning department on prior use of property
    Zoning & brief description of allowable uses
    Letter from city/county verifying zoning

  • Site Compatibility
    Map illustrating surrounding land use
    Photos of surrounding land use
    Identification of any existing onsite structures
    Identification of site hazards, including flash flooding

  • Site Ownership
    Documentation of ownership
    Terms of sale or lease
    Do mineral rights come with the property?
    Has a title search been completed? If so, is there a clear title?

  • Topography
    Topographic map of site (2’ contours best – Available from planning department for all Rio Rancho sites)
    Identification of slopes greater than 20%

  • Geotechnical
    Soils & subsurface analysis, if available; If not, cost & timing analysis to complete

  • Utilities
    Map illustrating water, sewer, electric, gas and fiber/broadband services & statement providing the following:
    – Service providers for each utility
    – Capacity – line size & KVA source & phase for electric
    – Distance to nearest substation & its capacity for electric
    – Identification & explanation of redundant electric service, if present (dual feeds, substations, power generation sources)
    – Size & line size of natural gas serving the site
    – Identification & explanation of redundant gas service, if present
    – Water & sewer line sizes with GPM & PSI for water
    – Identification & explanation of redundant water service, if present
    – Available surplus capacity of water & sewer treatment facilities (average, daily & peak)
    – When only some or all of the infrastructure is not in place, a letter from providers/engineers on timing to provide services, costs, how they will be provided, and any special processes required
    – Map showing onsite & adjacent easements & widths including air space

  • Transportation
    Map illustrating rail or nearest access to rail
    Intermodal facilities distance from site
    Adjacent highways
    Distance to Interstate/4 lane highways
    Nearest airport for cargo & passenger service
    Any road load restrictions
    Plans for any transportation infrastructure that will impact the site

  • Environmental
    Statement indicating that no known impediments exist relative to environmental, biological, historic, & archeological and/or studies confirming each or cost/time to complete such studies
    Any situations in the past impacting the site including but not limited to flash flooding, earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, hazardous waste, etc.

  • Floodplain/Wetlands
    FEMA flood insurance maps, if applicable
    Map illustrating presumed or delineated wetlands

  • Special Districts & Incentives
    Any site-specific incentives available
    Possible local incentives

  • Taxation
    Total property tax rate(s) for site
    Special district assessment(s), term(s) & annual assessment(s)