The Sandoval Economic Alliance Board of Directors would like to note their support of the proposed Sandoval County bonds going before voters on November 6th. This action was taken after extensive discussion and implementation of the organization’s decision matrix as these bonds boost the quality of life, economic growth, and prosperity in our community.

Because these bonds will be issued following the retirement of other general obligation bonds, there will be no increase to residents’ property taxes if approved:

Library Bond

This bond would authorize Sandoval County to issue up to $3,385,000 of general obligation bonds, to be paid from property taxes, for the purpose of purchasing library books and resources, including equipment, upgrades and improvements for 17 public libraries in Sandoval County.

This bond provides funding to 17 public libraries in Sandoval County so they can purchase new books and periodicals, ebooks and complete upgrades and facility improvements to their facilities.

A facility that in better shape or has an improved capacity/design and additional books and resources allow libraries to better serve the residents of our communities.

Public Safety & Telecom Bond

This bond would authorize Sandoval County to issue up to $5,200,000 of general obligation bonds, to be paid from property taxes, for the purpose of designing, engineering, acquiring and installing County public safety and government telecommunications systems equipment in Sandoval County.

Sandoval County’s public safety agencies need reliable communication tools to help residents and visitors in an emergency. This bond, if approved, would allow the County to complete important vehicle radio upgrades, purchase new E911 radios that will cover the entire county, complete Phase 2 of the Public Safety Radio System to fill gaps in the system for outlying areas, install a new phone system/network connectivity at senior centers, rebuild the data center and purchase high-capacity backup storage to enhance cyber security.

Without these necessary purchases and upgrades, our public safety agencies can’t protect and serve the residents and visitors of Sandoval County in the most effective way possible. In an emergency situation, it’s vital to have a functioning radio to call in medical assistance, fire assistance, police assistance and more.

Public Safety Bond

This bond would authorize Sandoval County to issue up to $4,850,000 of general obligation bonds, to be paid from property taxes, for the purpose of designing, expanding, equipping, furnishing and otherwise improving public safety projects in Sandoval County.

This public safety bond will pay for projects that will increase the amount of water at our more rural fire stations, will purchase an additional ambulance to serve the residents and visitors in the Rio Rancho/Bernalillo/Santa Ana area, purchase a generator for the County’s emergency operations center, construct a new 3,600 square foot facility for the Fire Department’s

Administration staff and construct a new 15,000 square foot Sheriff’s Department facility for our growing department.

An important thing to note is that by constructing a facility for our Fire Department’s Administration Staff, the County would be placing them in a facility that meets current space needs and will save on the rental payment we make monthly for their current facility. It will also make the Fire Department staff more accessible to the public as they would be housed on the County’s main campus on Idalia Road.

In addition, by constructing a new Sheriff’s Department facility, we will be able to:

  • Increase the number of deputies we have on staff to better serve county residents and visitors
  • Increase the services offered at the Sheriff’s Department as there will be more than double the space of the current facility. This could include things like education and prevention classes for the public, community policing meetings, etc.
  • Move the Magistrate Court from their current facility to the old Sheriff’s Department next to District Court which would result in the County collecting a new rental payment from Magistrate Court. With the rental payment, we can comply with State requirements and expand the District Court by adding two additional court rooms.
  • Add mental health services for the Sandoval County Detention Center and place those in the old Magistrate Court facility which is connected to the Sandoval County Detention Center to allow easier treatment for inmates. Plus, this space would also allow for video arraignments which saves on inmate transportation costs.

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