Rio Rancho and Sandoval County understand the importance of sustaining our valuable natural resources for long-term development success. Abundant sunshine, high planes wind, and the execution of sustainability plans ensure the communities of Sandoval County will have resources for generations to come.

The New Mexico Renewable Portfolio Standard calls for 20% renewable energy by 2020, and 4% from solar power from investor-owned utilities, and 10% renewable from rural electric cooperatives. The state offers tax incentives to encourage the development of renewable energy projects.


The PNM Sandoval County Solar Energy Center, located north of Northern Boulevard on Encino Road at 14th Ave NW in Rio Rancho, houses approximately 75,590 solar panels and generates enough energy to serve 2,450 average customers.

Energy produced by the 6.4-megawatt solar energy center is used for PNM’s user base, and not just for Sandoval County residents.

For a list of PNM’s additional Solar Centers, click here.

– Sandoval Solar is comprised of 75,590 solar panels. That’s enough to power 2,450 homes!
– Approximately 31,121 zip ties were used to anchor cables on the panels at PNM’s Sandoval Solar Site.
– The Sandoval Solar site is 80 acres.


The Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Plan addresses Rio Rancho and Sandoval County, planning for future demand. Additionally, Rio Rancho recently completed it’s Aquifer Injection Project, which allows the City to inject a million gallons per day of purified water back into its aquifer, which will maintain this resource now and for future generations. Learn more about Rio Rancho Pure here.


Though none currently exist in Sandoval County, New Mexico’s open landscape is an ideal place for wind turbines. New Mexico wind farms generate enough power to serve 275,000 homes. To date, New Mexico has generated more than $1.3 billion in private investment, and this growing industry supports hundreds of jobs in the Land of Enchantment. Learn more about wind energy in New Mexico here.

Pictured: Red Mesa Wind Farm in Cibola County, west of Sandoval County